Book Beginnings started out with a meeting of minds. Wendy Christensen and Kami Cornwall grew up together in Richland, Washington and even became college roommates. After moving on in life they reconnected, and after chatting a while they realized they had more in common than they ever knew. Both were involved with writing books one way or another and knew they wanted to team up to create a place for others to go where they could get started too.

Kami Cornwall has her degree in Fine Art with which she has pursued web design and creation for various clients. She resides in Pullman, Washington with her husband and two children. Wendy Christensen is a publicist for Mapletree Publishing and has written her own book, It's the Little Moments that Matter. She resides in Richland, Washington with her husband and three children.

Feel free to contact Kami or Wendy via e-mail with any questions, comments, or just to say "hi".




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